TubeMate v3.1.83

TubeMateTubemate is a multi-featured video downloading application which is not available on play store. Tubemate has videos and audios from many different social sites and platforms like Dailymotion, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. All the videos and audio present on tubemate can be watched online or downloaded in different available resolutions like 360p/480p/720p and hd etc. Tubemate allows users to choose external third-party media players to watch videos online for the better personal streaming experience of the app. Tubemate has a good download manager that lets users download more than one video or audio at a time and all these videos and audios can be paused and resumed while they are still in progress. the downloading has more features like enqueueing downloads in tubemate lets the user relax without worrying about adding next download when the previous file gets downloaded. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.83”

TubeMate v3.1.81

TubeMateTubemate is an online video downloader which is basically used to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. You can download any video from any site on Tubemate. You can select the quality of the video by yourself and this app plays and downloads all the videos in HD quality. Tubemate has its own video player so you do not need any other third party app to play any video online on this app. This app has an excellent download manager which manages downloaded files very well. if you are downloading any video on this app and you want to download the rest video later so you can pause that video in only one tap and can resume it whenever you want to download. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.81”

TubeMate v3.1.8

TubeMateTubemate is a video downloading application that has videos from many different sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, daily motion, Tumblr etc. All the popular sites keep their content safe and their users are not allowed to download them from those sites but tubemate provides all those videos in one place. Videos on tubemate are all free to be watched and downloaded by users and these videos are available in different qualities or resolutions(360p, 480p, 720p and HD etc). Other than videos audio files from song collection sites like SoundCloud are also available on tubemate. Tubemate is small in size and has a new and easy UI with more features like two customizable dark and light themes. The application has many features and a very special feature provided by tubemate is Chromecast that lets users connect the phone with a bigger screen device to use it as a bigger screen to watch movies and videos. Tubemate has an endless video and audio library and users allowed to browse and watch videos limitlessly. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.8”

TubeMate v3.1.79

TubeMateTubemate is an android video downloader which is basically used to download YouTube videos in HD quality. this app runs on the Android platform only and you will not find this app on play store but do not panic, you can download its APK for free on its official website in minutes. you can even download 10 videos at a time on this app. it does not even requires any type of account or any type of sign in or log in to download its videos so just download this app and install it and you are good to go. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.79”

TubeMate v3.1.77

TubeMateTubemate is a media downloading application with a collection of all the music and videos from top popular sites that have interesting content that usually becomes viral but users are not allowed to download them from those sites. Tubemate is popular for some of its features that even compete with YouTube’s features and these features are playing the videos from YouTube on the background of the device without letting it occupy the phone’s screen. Online watching on Tubemate supports rewind and fast forward feature for all the videos available on it. Tubemate supports downloading more than one file at a time and downloads in vidmate can be enqueued so you don’t have to add files to download every time one download is complete and they automatically start downloading as soon as last downloads are finished. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.77”

TubeMate v3.1.76

TubeMateTubemate is a video downloader through which you can download any video from any site. this app can download almost every video which is available on sites and the best part of this app is that it is a free app and everyone can use this app for free. this app is not available on play store but you can download this app from any site. you can find this app easily by searching for it on google. you will find an apk file of this app. Tubemate is available only for android as of now but it will be available for each and every platform in future for sure. this app does not require any type of root permissions and it is legal so do not worry about it. you do not even have to connect your phone to any VPN for using this app. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.76”

TubeMate v3.1.75

TubeMateTubemate is an application similar to downloaders that are popular but it features make it superior to those regular downloading apps. Tubemate is a downloader and a browser in one app that lets you visit many sites at the same time with multiple tab feature. You get to download youtube videos, Facebook and Instagram posts, music from SoundCloud and much more than you will expect from a downloading app. Tubemate has different download option and you get to choose the quality of audio and video from any site. The videos on Tubemate range from 3gb to HD so you can watch them even on the old devices. Tubemate is also free a light application small in size that requires low specs to work while the features of downloading and watching videos online are free and restrictionless. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.75”

TubeMate v3.1.73

TubeMateTubemate is a well-known android app which can download all the videos you want to download in a single click. its download manager is really good at downloading multiple videos at a time. you can do your work and can start your download and it will download it in the background and will not eat your battery much so do not worry about it. this app is very easy to use so that a kid can use it and download videos through it. Tubemate has a feature by which you can cast this app on your TV and enjoy the videos on a big screen. you can download audio files too from this app and you can select from a wide range of audio qualities that which quality you prefer. you can use any other video or audio player to play videos. this feature is most loved by people because they prefer watching movies or TV shows in their favorite player. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.73”

TubeMate v3.1.7

TubeMateTubemate is an online mobile app by which you can download YouTube videos for free and you can save them into your internal storage or SD card and you can share them with anyone, anytime without even opening the app. you can download audio files with this app too. it is not necessary that you can only download videos from this app. you can download mp3 files to from Tubemate. this app has an option which saves your device’s battery. download all your favorite videos in one app. this app is an all-rounder. go for it and you will enjoy its features for free. this app is free and anyone can use this app. there is no time limit so you can use it how much you want to use. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.7”

TubeMate v3.1.6

TubeMateTubemate is an android app which is used to download movies and videos from the internet without any worries and interruptions. you can download nearly any video from this app and this app is totally free so you can enjoy all its premium features for free. this app does not require any type of VPN or anything like that so feel free to use it. this app has an old-school UI and you will like that for sure. it was basically made to download YouTube videos but you can download almost any video from this app. you can download Facebook videos,  Instagram videos etc from this app. Tubemate has a download manager which manages its videos smoothly. when you download any video from this app, they directly go into your internal storage and you can share those videos anytime, anywhere to your friends. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.6”