TubeMate v3.1.55

TubeMateTubemate is a small sized free video and audio downloader that lets you download audio and video files from different sites that you regularly come through and the most common sites that you can download from using Tubemate are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.the videos and audios are available in different qualities. Tubemate lets you download videos and media without limits from any site. The application is not just a downloader but it works like a browser and lets you have multiple tabs at the same time letting you use different sites on the same application. On Tubemate you can watch videos online and use the fast forward and rewind feature that can be seen in many media players. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.55”

TubeMate v3.1.53

TubeMateThis application is a media downloader that lets you visit sites through itself and provides with the download option on videos and audios that you see on the sites. The audio and video have different available resolution and qualities that you can choose while downloading them. Tubemate has some features that assist in managing the downloads and these features include enqueue videos, choose sd card for the download location, manage folder to show in you download tab, multiple downloads at the same time etc. The enqueue video feature helps when you have many videos that need to be downloaded so some of them are enqueued until others are finished. Tubemate functions like browser and you can visit any site on it and if you need to surf more than one site you can use different tabs to keep different sites running along. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.53”

TubeMate v3.1.5

TubeMateTubemate is simply an application which can do functions of a downloader and a browser at the same time due to the features it comes with which let us use different sites with Tubemate in different tabs at a time while downloading different videos from some sites and platforms that won’t let you download things to your device. Tubemate is mostly known for being able of downloading videos from YouTube in all resolutions. Tubemate is a platform itself which covers multiple sites within its small size and it can work without consuming much of a GPU and works with low specifications too. The application lets you download more than one file at a time and these downloads can be managed from the downloads section in the app. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.5”

TubeMate v3.1.49

TubeMateTubemate is a downloader for downloading media from different sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. Tubemate lets you download all the movies, trailers, songs, video clips, and audios that you usually find on the online social platform. Tubemate is small in size and can work smoothly on low-end devices as well. The application is free and provides you with unlimited downloading and browsing through the videos that you can watch online and download in different resolutions. The application comes with a dark and light theme that can help you according to night or daytime usage on how it suits you. You can choose different sites from which you want to download from or from where you saw the content and you can go through that site and download whatever you like. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.49”

TubeMate v3.1.45

TubeMateTubemate is a popular downloading application made for the purpose of downloading videos from different sites and most commonly is known for downloading videos from youtube. Tubemate also lets you download audio file other than videos and both of them available in multiple qualities ranging 3gp to HD. The application has many features even while being a downloading app out of which the handiest feature is playing music on the background while the application is not on screen and this fulfills the most awaited feature of YouTube users who like listening to music on youtube but never are able to play it on the background. Tubemate comes with two themes (dark/light) which can be changed from setting options however you might like. Continue reading “TubeMate v3.1.45”

TubeMateTubemate video downloader is a very handy application if you find yourself troubled for a video or song you really liked but are not able to download from some sites. Tubemate is made to download media from most of the sites that won’t let the users download the audio and video from their sites. The application is small in size but has a big library of videos and audios from different sites that can be watched online and downloaded in different qualities. The application has a simple UI with two selectable themes dark and light. Tubemate is a free application and provides you limitless downloading feature in any of the suitable qualities of the videos. Continue reading “”

TubeMate v3.0.13

TubeMateMany people officially use TubeMate v3.0.13 to download YouTube videos on their Android device. It is only because of this app that it has become possible to store and build a collection of all your favorite app in one place. You can later watch these downloaded YouTube videos during your free time.

The app allows you to download the videos in different resolutions like 1920 X 1080, 1280 X 720, 640 X 360 and 176 X 144. You can also choose the video format while downloading it. The videos are automatically downloaded to the internal memory of your phone, but you always have the option of transferring these files to SD card.  TubeMate v3.0.13 is the latest version of the app, and it has incredibly improved the user-interface of the app.

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TubeMate v3.0.12

TubeMateTubeMate is an app that allows you to watch YouTube videos and download those videos in your Android smartphone. You can browse, stream, watch, share and download these videos. YouTube is an excellent platform to watch videos, but it lacks when it comes to downloading videos. TubeMate v3.0.12 is a YouTube downloader that has solved the problem for many.

One can download videos in different resolutions depending on the devices that they are using. The available resolutions are full HD, HD, 640 X 360, 320 X 240 and FLV. TubeMate v3.0.12 is the latest update of TubeMate.

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TubeMate v3.0.11

TubeMateTubeMate v3.0.11 is the latest update of the popular TubeMate app. Through this app, the user will be able to download videos online from YouTube. It is a light weighted app with an app size of the only 6.84MB. This updated version of TubeMate guarantees an excellent user experience. Using the app is easy. In this post, we will first discuss the features of TubeMate v3.0.11, and then we will proceed to know about the downloading and installing procedures of TubeMate v3.0.11.

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TubeMate v3.0.10

TubeMateTubeMate v3.0.10 is one of the latest versions of TubeMate. This popular YouTube downloader is trusted by many. If you like to watch videos while travelling or during your free time, it is one of the must-have apps for you. Are you wondering why you should have TubeMate v3.0.10? Well, the answer s simple. After installing this app on your device, you will be able to download to YouTube videos which you can later enjoy even without an active internet connection. Doesn’t that sound useful? Before telling you the downloading procedure, let us first focus on the features of the app.

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