TubeMate v3.1.75

TubeMateTubemate is an application similar to downloaders that are popular but it features make it superior to those regular downloading apps. Tubemate is a downloader and a browser in one app that lets you visit many sites at the same time with multiple tab feature. You get to download youtube videos, Facebook and Instagram posts, music from SoundCloud and much more than you will expect from a downloading app. Tubemate has different download option and you get to choose the quality of audio and video from any site. The videos on Tubemate range from 3gb to HD so you can watch them even on the old devices. Tubemate is also free a light application small in size that requires low specs to work while the features of downloading and watching videos online are free and restrictionless.

On Tubemate, you get to choose the location in your store where the downloads will go so you can choose external SD card for downloading files keeping your internal storage safe from filling up quick. Tubemate can play all the videos from YouTube except for you get the features that even YouTube haven’t provided because you can play videos on the background with Tubemate so you can listen to all the music videos without letting the video occupy your device. The downloading feature to enqueue downloads is also provided by Tubemate so you don’t have to wait for last downloads to finish to add more downloading tasks. To watch videos on Tubemate you also get to choose other external media players of your phone. Tubemate has a feature of chormecast which lets your screen be protected to a bigger screen like on your smart tv so you get to watch videos on a bigger screen without connecting any wires or cable.

TubeMate v3.1.75 for Android

  1. Open chrome and make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Download Tubemate on your Device.
  3. Install the download app on your smartphone and wait for the installation process to finish.
  4. Run Tubemate.

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